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Granite Worktop Repair

By stone1 On November 1, 2017 No Comments

Granite worktops have always been exceptionally popular, and this remains as other products such as quartz also grow in popularity. As a product, they offer an incredibly durable alternative that looks beautiful and, if looked after, can last the lifetime of your kitchen.

Why Granite?

  • Granite is available in a huge range of colours
  • It oozes sophistication
  • Granite is a natural product
  • As a worktop surface, it is incredibly durable and hard-wearing
  • Granite worktops are timeless, and it is safe to say that they will never go out of fashion as a classic design
  • You will add value to your property with a Granite worktop

These reasons alone are more than enough to realise why granite as a product is so sought after. The key to all of this is maintenance and care of your granite worksurface once it has been installed. As an asset it is considered to be expensive to install. So, information and advice on care, immediately once fitted is paramount.

Granite Care

  • Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals on your stone surface
  • Do not leave liquid to sit on the surface of your granite worktop
  • Make sure to use a specifically formulated granite cleaner for regular cleaning
  • Seek the assistance of a stone cleaning specialist to regularly re-seal your granite
  • Do not use kitchen sponges that can scratch the surface with repetitive scrubbing

We offer comprehensive services for granite worktop repair and granite cleaning. Our helpful staff are on hand to help with your enquiries on 01494 727422. Although Granite is incredibly hard wearing, damage can occur, and we are on hand to help with this.

Don’t panic that you are left with damaged granite as there are incredible ways in which granite repair services can be utilised. This includes services to repair cracks, etching and staining. Call today to arrange a no obligation quotation.

Stone Cleaning Secrets Buckinghamshire

By stone1 On August 25, 2017 No Comments

There are many elements of the stone cleaning process that are key to be aware of. Stone floors are incredible to look at and offer many benefits against other flooring alternatives. An important factor is knowledge of the special care that is required to make sure that it remains looking at its best.

The following information has been compiled in order to offer advice when approaching stone cleaning. This will hopefully equip you to better understand the intricacies involved:

Marble Cleaning High WycombeKeep to a Routine

Natural stone is porous. This means that dirt and bacteria will collect in these pores. Without regular sweeping or hovering, these particles will remain and will work like sandpaper to the surface of the tiles. Vacuuming will remove these and yearly professional deep cleaning will leave you confident that your stone tiles are appropriately protected.

Products Really are Key

Specialist products are needed in order to deep clean stone tiles. Incorrect product selection can lead to damage or staining. This damage can be long-lasting or irreversible. This means that products play a pivotal role and the correct selection will leave your stone floor gleamingly clean.

Marble Polishing LondonStains are Stubborn

When a stain is spotted on your stone flooring, it is important to blot up the excess immediately. This will improve the likelihood of successful removal. It is, however, important to realise that stone stains are notoriously challenging to remove.

What are the key to removing them? You need to know their origin, which treatment will effectively remove it, which products will compliment the process and how best to leave the stone floor protected.

It is always advised that you seek the support of a professional stone cleaner. We are time-served specialists, well-equipped to offer an exceptional service. Are you looking for help to clean your stone floors? Contact Stone Reflection today on 01494 727422.

Granite Worktop Repair Advice Buckinghamshire

By stone1 On June 16, 2017 No Comments

If you are considering worktop repairs it is likely that you are in a situation where your stone worktop has been damaged. This can sometimes feel like a daunting place to be as these types of worktops can be expensive to purchase and install.

We all tend to try and look after our worktops but naturally through daily use and the ways in which they are used, they can suffer a range of deteriorating factors.

Granite worktop repair WatfordIt is well accepted that granite worktops are extremely durable. Whilst offering durable properties, this does not mean that this stone type is completely indestructible. If you were to drop a heavy item on your worktop the likelihood is that a small chip may occur.

Granite worktop repair Hemel HempsteadIf you are in a position where you have a damaged granite top then it is important not to waste time. If the damage has occurred then it is important to employ a specialist in order to complete the repair. Don’t torture yourself by looking at the area that needs to be repaired. Our professional stone worktop repair service of competitively priced and offers value for money. It can effectively save you the expense of replacement and can be managed in a timely manner.

Granite worktop repair BuckinghamshireAsk for advice; we are happy to discuss all elements of the repair work with you. It is important that if you feel you have unanswered questions that these are address prior to the work commencing. Do you want to know more information about the process of granite worktop repair? Are you confident with the products that will be used? Are you aware of any possible limitations of the work?

It is vital that you are well-informed about the process and how best to look after your Granite once the work has been completed. General care advice with regards to re-sealing will offer your beautiful stone worktop to look at its best and it will offer better resistance against future damage. Call today on 01494 727422.

Why Stone Reflection?

By stone1 On May 26, 2017 No Comments

Our approach to restoring stone floors is always passionate; this is because we care about doing a great job and we care about our clients experience of dealing with our Company. Stone floors are fascinating and can offer intricacies and quirks that only the best-served professionals are able to deal with.

An in-depth knowledge and understanding of these elements allow for challenges throughout the stone restoration process. Alongside this, it is important to be aware of the best products to use for any particular process or job. These elements tied together allows us to approach any stone cleaning work with confidence and vigour as we are well-aware of the transformations that can be achieved.

Stone Cleaning BuckinghamshireWhat can we offer? As well as our inbuilt passion for delivering exceptional results we feel that it is incredibly important to offer a professional appearance. This means that we return calls, we schedule appointments, we are prompt to arrive and we offer open communication with our clients.

We understand that we complete this work daily, however, you may have some questions about the stone floor cleaning process or how best to clean your floors after our visit. It is vital that these questions are answered so that our clients are left feeling they are equipped with how to care for their stone flooring.

It is also important for our clients to feel that they receive value for their money. Restoring stone floors is a cost-effective and smart solution. Caring for your natural stone or tiles throughout their lifetime will mean that they will remain looking great, that their general care is easy and that they will last much longer than uncared for tiles.

Are your stone floors looking dirty? Have they become challenging to upkeep? Are the grout lines difficult to clean? We are able to offer a comprehensive stone floor cleaning service with stone repairs to ensure your floors are looking their best at all times.

Call 01494 727422 to enquire today.

Travertine Cleaning Seer Green

By stone1 On May 20, 2017 No Comments

Travertine tiles are an exceptionally beautiful natural stone; they offer a striking appearance and suit many properties. As with many other natural stone types they are available in a range of tile sizes, grades and even colours.

Cleaning Travertine Tiles BuckinghamshireWe were asked to survey this Travertine floor in Seer Green, Buckinghamshire. When we arrived, it was evident that the Travertine floors were quite soiled and dull. This was likely due to the fact that the floor had not been maintained regularly.

Deterioration of any stone floor can happen over a number of months which means that often this goes relatively unnoticed. That is, until you realise that your once beautiful stone floor has started to look lifeless.

Another element that can deteriorate stone flooring is the use of incorrect products. Natural stone tiles are porous so it is really important that the correct cleaning formulations are used. This, coupled with the knowledge of cleaning techniques will help your Travertine floor look at its best, for longer.

When we arrived we assessed what needed protecting. Our client asked us to remove and replace the furniture as part of the service.

Travertine Cleaning BuckinghamshireWe used strippers to remove any existing stone sealer product still on the floor. Due to the dullness of the floor we also needed to use a special cleaning sand after stripping the floor.

We then deep cleaned floors and grout throughout using our specialist machinery. The next step was to polish the floors with polishing powders. After this the floor needed to be totally dry before applying the new sealers to the floor. Finally, we buffed the floor with special pads.

This process requires in-depth knowledge in order to achieve the best results. Identifying the correct products compliments the process and offers an exceptionally striking transformation.

Has your stone flooring started to deteriorate? Is it becoming more and more difficult to keep clean? Our stone cleaning and restoration services are cost-effective and ensure your floors are easy to maintain and keep clean. Call 01494 727422 to arrange a no obligation quotation.

Your Cheat Sheet for Sealing Stone Buckinghamshire

By stone1 On April 3, 2017 No Comments

Have you got a stone worktop of stone floor that has lost its lustre? Could it be that the stone sealer has worn away? Could you stone need re-sealing?

An incredibly important element of restoring stone is to seal it. There are a range of stone sealers available and our experience has allowed us the benefit of sourcing only the best-available.

Sealers are chemically engineered to penetrate deeply into the stone. Whilst this offers a level of repellence, it does not mean that your stone is impossible to etch or stain. However, once re-sealed, stone surfaces are offered the highest possible protection.

Limestone Tiles SloughPart of our superior provision means that we are able to best recommend the most appropriate sealer for any application. However it is important to know that:

Sealing cannot prevent etching on your stone surface:

Etching is a chemical reaction that works to erode the surface layers. This then tends to leave dull marks, known as etching. If your stone surface is etched, it will require our restoration services to restore its appearance.

It is therefore important that specific products are used regularly in order to ensure the effectiveness of your sealed stone. Caring for your stone floors and worktops offers a sure-fired way of elongating its lifespan.

It is important to seal your stone to maintain its ability to repel spillages and wear. Ensuring that the surface, whether a work top or a floor, is clear of dirt particles is also vital. These particles will work to deteriorate the stone’s surface either by acting as a grinding agent or with its natural oils. Abrasive elements need to be removed carefully so that the surface is not scratched in the process.

The best advice that we can offer is that if you have questions about whether your stone surface requires resealing is to call our helpful staff today on 01494 727422. Give your stone the opportunity to shine once again!

Marble Tile Polishing Newbury

By stone1 On January 11, 2017 No Comments

We were invited to restore this marble floor in Newbury. The marble tiles were patterned with smaller, black slate diamonds. The floor had experienced heavy usage and as a result was looking in poor condition.

The marble tiles had deep scratches and areas of scuffs and dull areas. It was clear, once visiting to survey this stone floor that it needed to be restored. Marble restoration offers incredible results and it is important that you are well-informed when selecting which finish you would like to achieve.

Polished Marble Tiles Newbury Polishing Marble Tiles Newbury







It was decided that this Marble flooring would look best with a shined-finish. The process for restoring the marble tiles began with diamond grinding the surface. This is completed with rotary machines that grind away the surface layer of the tiles.

We also used hand held grinders for this particular floor in order to achieve a seamlessly prepared floor. Once this process has been completed, the polishing process is started. This uses specialist powders with our rotary machines in order to polish the surface of the tile to the desired finish. The floor was then re-sealed and buffed.

Marble cleaning Newbury Marble polishing Newbury







DID YOU KNOW.. that a stone floor, once restored offers a more durable surface? Our client was incredibly pleased with the result and commented on the transformation that had been achieved.

Here are some top tips on how to care for your Marble Floor Tiles:

  • Make sure to keep on top of maintenance of your marble flooring. This will likely eliminate smaller issues that may turn into larger problems further down the line.
  • Ensure that you use products that compliment this floor type. We will always discuss your options with regards to stone cleaning products. This needs to be tailored to your specific floor.
  • Always blot up liquid spillages as soon as they are noticed. This will reduce the likelihood of the liquid absorbing into the stone and causing a stain.
  • Place an entrance mat at each entryway to your home. This will reduce particles entering your property and deteriorating the surface of the tiles.

If you would like to enquire about marble polishing or marble tile restoration please call today on 01494 727422.

Worktop Repairs Buckinghamshire

By stone1 On October 3, 2016 No Comments

It is understandable that in any household that accidents may happen. Although worktops are often made out of the harder natural stones such as granite or marble, it does not mean that they are impossible to chip.

Many of our clients are not aware of the worktop repair services that are available by us which is why we wanted to promote this provision.

Firstly it is important to realise that having a chipped worktop does not necessarily mean that you have to go to the expense of replacing the entire section. We are able to perform expert repair services that will offer the best-available finish.

Not only is this a cost-effective service but it means that you are not required to remove cupboards, sort plumbing or the general disruption of replacement.

Stone repairs BuckinghamshireSpecially designed resin fillers are used to seal chips or cracks. This type of stone repair does take a lot of intricacy and demands a great understanding of how best to tackle different issues. A mistake during this process could result in further cracking or more damage.

This is why it is so important to have the experience to complete the task accurately. Once the crack or chip is filled we complete our buffing or polishing stages in order to return the surface to its most-original state.

We will make sure to keep you updated throughout the process of repair. Any possible limitations would be discussed prior to work commencing so that you were equipped with what result to expect.

We are able to repair both natural stone worktops and artificial materials. If you would like to find out more or would like to view some of our previous work please call our helpful staff on 01494 727422.

We currently serve Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and London. Our services are often required further afield so we would invite you to call if you would like to arrange a no obligation quotation.

Stone Floor Restoration Buckinghamshire

By stone1 On July 31, 2016 No Comments

The diversity of stone flooring means that individuals are kept on their feet on how best to clean them and how best to ensure they remain looking at their best.

This fascinates us and has always been at the centre of our driven approach. Professional stone restoration means that you need to:

  • Have confidence in all types of natural stone and ceramic tile
  • Be able to adapt the restoration process in line with the individual floor
  • Carry out tile repair services if required
  • Have the best machinery available
  • Offer information and advice when required
  • Be polite and respectful when working in someone’s property
  • Protect the surrounding fixtures and fittings when completing the cleaning work
  • Ensure that all questions are answered promptly and comprehensively

We created this video to compile examples of just some of the stone floors that we have cleaned and restored over the many years that we have been in business.

It outlines our services include:

  • Stone cleaning
  • Stone polishing
  • Stone sealing
  • Stone repairs

General upkeep is inevitable and it is important that you are equipped with the correct products to complete this. It is also key that you know exactly how to use them and with what type of application.

Either way stone restoration elongates the lifespan of your floor. It means that it is appropriately sealed to withstand usage and everyday spillages. The service really does provide great value.

Please take a few minutes to view our video. If you would like to arrange a quotation or have questions about the services that we offer; please do call today on 01494 727422. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you; our aim is to gain your custom for life.

Stone Polishing Hertfordshire

By stone1 On June 21, 2016 No Comments

An inevitable challenge within the stone restoration trade is the fact that individual stone types have their own intricacies and quirks so require a tailored approach to cleaning and restoration.

This is a challenge that we approach with dynamism and where our experience pays dividends. A true understanding of these aspects:

  • Ensures that stone tiles are skilfully restored to achieve the best finish
  • Ensures that the stone flooring is not damaged during the process

Many are not aware of the stone polishing techniques that are available and the way in which this service can transform stone floors.

Marble Cleaning High WycombeA key to a successful outcome is the preparation required. We treat our client’s homes and properties with respect and this is evident throughout our preparation process. The room is cleared of belongings and non-moveable items are fully protected to ensure that they are not damaged or marked during the restoration process.

Stone polishing is a rigorous process so special products and machinery are used in order to grind the top layer, giving way to a fresh and new surface. Old coatings are removed and any other existing issues can be addressed.

This grinding process uses expert equipment and is required on particularly scratched or damaged stone floors. The polishing process then further grinds the stone but produces a smooth finish. This can be adapted to the individual requirement of the client.

Once this has been completed the entire floor requires the application of a stone sealer. Even coats are applied and allowed to fully dry between applications. We are happy to give information about stone sealing products and formulations that will clean your tiles and help manage their maintenance.

If you have any questions about polished stone tiles or if you would like to arrange a quotation please feel free to call today on 01494 727 422.