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Terrazzo Cleaning London

By stone1 On December 10, 2013 No Comments

Terrazzo tiles are very distinctive in their appearance; they were traditionally formed by exposing marble chips and other aggregates on the surface of concrete or an epoxy-resin. This is then polished to produce a smooth surface.

The fascinating thing about a Terrazzo floor is that no tile is ever the same. It allows for an intriguing design that is also very functional. This means that they are popular in both domestic and commercial settings. You are likely to see Terrazzo in train stations, airports, shopping centres and supermarkets.

Terrazzo Cleaning LondonWe were asked to clean and restore these Terrazzo tiles in London. Stone Reflection have varied experience in commercial stone cleaning. We realise that the requirements differ from those of domestic clients. We will work to be flexible around previously arranged business commitments and ensure minimal disruption.

The Terrazzo cleaning process ensures that your stone flooring is left hygienically clean and we will leave you with detailed information about routine maintenance to make sure our results are long-lasting.

Terrazzo Tiles LondonStone Reflection offer a full and comprehensive restoration service; we have invested in rigorous training, state-of-the-art machinery and specialised product formulations to make sure we are well equipped to offer the best possible results.

The picture showing the end result demonstrates the incredible results that can be achieved; restored stone projects the right impression of your business and is inviting to both customers and your workforce alike.

If you have any question about restoring Terrazzo flooring please call Clive on 01494 727422. We will be happy to discuss your options with you and will use every opportunity assure you that you are dealing with a time-served specialist.