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Granite Worktop Repairers

Stone Reflection WendoverGranite worktop repairers are a traditional trade. We take great pride in repairing granite worktops. Let’s face it; we all lead busy lives and mistakes happen. Whether you accidentally drop something onto your worktop, or it is left damaged after a water mark, granite repairs are comprehensive and offer great results.

What kind of things damage your Granite worktops?

  • Dropping heavy items onto the surface
  • Chipping the edges by banging a heavy item against the Granite
  • Water marks from leaving a wet item on the surface
  • Cracking from poor installation or damage caused
  • Etching from exposure to acidic substances
  • Hazing from use of incorrect cleaning products
  • Possible heat damage or thermal heat cracks from repeated placement of hot items

All of these issues sound pretty horrendous for owners who have invested heavily in installation of Granite work surfaces in their kitchen. It is a well-known fact that Granite is a costly investment, one that many feel appropriate to complete the look of their kitchen. Therefore, if damage is accidental, it can be the cause of worry and stress.

Stone Reflection carry out a huge range of worktop repairs for Granite. The process will start with an initial consultation. This is an opportunity for us to look at the damage and discuss possible outcomes with you. From that point, a plan is put together to repair the damage alongside a quotation.

“Clive is a true professional who takes pride in his work.”

There are other ways in which you can protect your worktops from damage.


  • Stains; seal your Granite regularly. Wipe up spills.
  • Etching; by avoiding products that contain corrosive or acidic ingredients. Wipe up spills.
  • Hazing; by only using high-quality, granite cleaning products.
  • Impact damage; by being careful when lifting objects over the surface of your countertops.
  • Cracks; by ensuring your professional installation.
  • Heat damage; by placing hot pans and trays onto boards, instead of directly onto the Granite.

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