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Damage to Stone Flooring

Damage to stone flooring can be the cause of stress to any homeowner. Homes with stone flooring undoubtedly love the durability and beauty of natural stone. It is important to remember that stone floors do not come without a need for maintenance. With this, there can be areas of damage identified.

Damage to Stone Flooring – Common Causes:

Damage to stone flooring High WycombeStains can happen on your stone flooring. There are different types of staining that can occur. Having information and knowledge of how bet to deal with them will leave you in a great position. Spills are likely to be the most common cause of staining. A spill left on the surface of stone can seep into the pores. This can cause discolouration. Etching is another type of staining caused by acidic liquids. These may be in the form of drinks or cleaning products. The acidic nature of the substance burns dull marks into the surface.

Scratches can happen to even the most careful homeowner. Although stone floors are durable, scratches are the most common type of damage. There are just so many different ways in which your stone floor can be scratched. What are these? Scrubbing brushes and pads can be extremely damaging to stone. They scratch the surface coating and natural finish, leaving the stone exposed to damage. Furniture legs can also cause surface scratches by dragging. Dirt and grit can also cause scratches when caught underfoot. This, built up over time, can cause really unsightly damage.

Lastly, extreme heat can cause damage. Hot liquid or hot pans can cause etching, cracks and discolouration. These can be extremely challenging to repair.

Our Advice:

Stone floors are a beautiful addition to any home. Keeping stone in its best condition is generally simple but does demand some awareness. It is important to make sure that spills are mopped swiftly, correct cleaning products are used, and all furniture is lifted rather than dragged. Our best advice is to contact us with any questions in relation to repair or stone floor restoration on 01296 294304.