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How to Restore Your Marble Floor

Marble tiles are a beautiful natural stone. Marble is by far one of the most well-known tile. It is dense and hard-wearing so is suitable for rooms throughout any home, including bathrooms, showers, living rooms, dining rooms, conservatories and kitchens. Marble floors are also popular for use in shopping centres, hotels and other commercial premises purely because of their balance between beauty and durability.

Most common finishes in marble tiling is; honed, tumbled (rustic), brushed (textured) and polished. Marble tiles offer a huge variety of colour options including; white to cream, beige to silver and even black. This tile, often linked with higher-class and great expense is in fact, suitable for all ranges in budgets. Veining and patterns allow for a true individual appearance; one that will match all decors.

Marble Floor Advice

Daily maintenance can help reduce the chance of unnecessary cleaning problems such as scratches and scuffs. However, it is always advisable to request the help of a time-served stone cleaning and stone restoration specialist. Their expertise will provide unrivalled cleaning and restoration results in the fastest-possible time. They will benefit from knowledge of the stone and will use state-of-the-art industrial machinery and best-suited products.

Marble polishing NewburyPolishing Marble Tiles NewburyYour chosen professional will offer marble cleaning, marble polishing and marble restoration services including sealing. Information about their services should be clearly visible on their website. Domestic and commercial marble cleaning require individual approaches and your stone cleaner should be able to advise on how best to approach the process.

Your marble stone tiles will be returned to their originally laid appearance. Furthermore, you will be provided with advice on a regular maintenance programme. Floor protection is vital to ensuring your stone cleaning results are long-lasting. Superficial dirt should be cleaned regularly and will inhibit dirt being ground into your tiles or grout; deterioration and severe damage will be avoided.

A Brilliant Service

Restoration of your marble floor will not only provide a clean, sanitised and hygienic space; your flooring will ooze luxury and style. You can avoid the risk of permanent unsightly staining by requesting your stone cleaning expert seals your marble flooring. Liquid spilt onto unsealed stone will seep into the stone, due to its porous make-up. Sealing the stone will effectively seal the pores and will prevent the spill or liquid from soaking into the stone. The spill remains on the surface where it can be cleaned up and removed; avoiding staining and water marks.

Marble is instantly recognisable and is lavish in quality and appeal. All advice on stone restoration will be available through your stone cleaning specialist. Avoid the costly replacement by employing a skilled professional; a cost-effective choice which will restore your beautiful tiles to new! Call today on 01296 294304.