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Marble Tile Polishing Newbury

Incredible Marble tile polishing results. We were invited to restore this marble floor in Newbury. The marble tiles were patterned with smaller, black slate diamonds. The floor had experienced heavy usage and as a result was looking in poor condition.

The marble tiles had deep scratches and areas of scuffs and dull areas. It was clear, once visiting to survey this stone floor that it needed to be restored. Marble restoration offers incredible results and it is important that you are well-informed when selecting which finish you would like to achieve.

Polished Marble Tiles Newbury Polishing Marble Tiles Newbury

It was decided that this Marble flooring would look best with a shined-finish. The process for restoring the marble tiles began with diamond grinding the surface. This is completed with rotary machines that grind away the surface layer of the tiles.

We also used hand held grinders for this particular floor in order to achieve a seamlessly prepared floor. Once this process has been completed, the polishing process is started. This uses specialist powders with our rotary machines in order to polish the surface of the tile to the desired finish. The floor was then re-sealed and buffed.

Marble cleaning Newbury Marble polishing Newbury

DID YOU KNOW.. that a stone floor, once restored offers a more durable surface? Our client was incredibly pleased with the result and commented on the transformation that had been achieved.

Here are some top tips on how to care for your Marble Floor Tiles:

  • Make sure to keep on top of maintenance of your marble flooring. This will likely eliminate smaller issues that may turn into larger problems further down the line.
  • Ensure that you use products that compliment this floor type. We will always discuss your options with regards to stone cleaning products. This needs to be tailored to your specific floor.
  • Always blot up liquid spillages as soon as they are noticed. This will reduce the likelihood of the liquid absorbing into the stone and causing a stain.
  • Place an entrance mat at each entryway to your home. This will reduce particles entering your property and deteriorating the surface of the tiles.

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