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Polishing Stone Tiles Berkhamsted

Polishing stone tiles is not possible for all types of stone flooring. One of the most well-known tiles are marble tiles. They are very recognisable and create an incredible statement for any setting.

Polishing Stone Tiles BerkhamstedDoes Polishing Stone Tiles Create More Work

There is a school of thought that polished floor tiles are harder to upkeep. The truth is that the slippery nature of gloss surfaces means they are extremely easy to wipe clean. Some feel as though glossy finish tiles can often be left with water marks. It is incredibly important to use the correct cleaning methods which will then reduce your maintenance efforts. This way it is one of the best secrets to save you cleaning time in the home.

How are you Best to Clean Polished Tiles?

  • The best advice is to select a mild, nonacidic detergent. When mopping it is important not to over wet the floor. This will likely reduce the possibility of water staining. This is a good tip for each time you mop any stone floor. Water sitting on stone floors is never a good thing.
  • Vacuum or sweep the tiles with a dry mop or sweeping brush. This removes dirt and debris that can work to damage your polished stone floor.
  • If a stain is identified, it is important to blot it up immediately. Any liquid left on stone tiles will work to absorb into the tile if sat for a long time. You should thoroughly rince any cleaning solution. Leaving cleaning solution on the tiles will likely attract dirt. This will detract from the appearance of your beautiful stone tiles.

Polishing stone tiles offers great results. The process is incredibly rewarding, and we specialise in stone polishing and full restoration of floor tiles and worktops. Have you got questions about how stone polishing works? Would you like a no obligation quotation? Call our team today on 01296 294304.