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Stone Restoration Knightsbridge

Stone restoration work is varied. Natural stone is undeniably well-suited to both domestic and commercial properties. If you were to ask an individual to describe their ideal home, it is likely that natural stone would be listed as part of that.

As well as providing a sophisticated floor covering, it offers functional and practical advantages. Furthermore, it is likely with daily use that a stone floor will start to show signs of wear, possible scratching, visible imperfections or discoloured grout.

Natural Stone Restoration KnightsbridgeAlthough this is a gradual process, the stone flooring can start to generally look dull and lifeless. How does the stone restoration process work?

As a brief overview, this process works to deep clean and grind the surface of the stone tile. This allows dullness, scuffs, scratches and other imperfections to be erased and a new, fresh surface to appear.

This is the point that allows us to produce the required finish of the floor. Clients may opt for a more matte look or they may be looking to achieve a mirror-shine finish.

There are different levels of routine care that are required with varying stone finishes and we always aim to leave our clients well informed.

Here are some stone cleaning ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’


  • Use a stone cleaning product that is formulated to compliment natural stone
  • Keep on top of routine cleaning so that full restoration offers optimum benefit
  • Make sure to have your natural stone floor properly sealed
  • Blot up any liquid spills immediately once identified
  • Put a floor mat at all outside entrances


  • Use acidic solutions
  • Use harsh chemicals to remove staining
  • Wet mop the dirt particles so that they are pushed into the grout lines
  • Skip the stone sealing process

Stone restoration produces incredible results and offers a more durable and therefore longer-lasting stone floor. This pays testament to the cost-effectiveness of our professional service. Call today to arrange your quotation on 01296 294304. We are here to help.