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Stone Cleaning Secrets Buckinghamshire

Stone cleaning secrets from stone restoration specailsts. There are many elements of the stone cleaning process that are key to be aware of. Stone floors are incredible to look at. They offer many benefits against other flooring alternatives. An important factor is knowledge of the special care to make sure that it remains looking at its best.

The following information offers advice when approaching stone cleaning. This will hopefully equip you to better understand the intricacies involved:

Marble Cleaning High WycombeKeep to a Routine

Natural stone is porous. This means that dirt and bacteria will collect in these pores. Without regular sweeping or hovering, these particles will remain. They will work like sandpaper to the surface of the tiles. Vacuuming will remove these. Furthermore, yearly professional deep cleaning will leave you confident that your stone tiles are appropriately protected.

Products Really are Key

Specialist products are great at deep cleaning stone tiles. Incorrect product selection can lead to damage or staining. This damage can be long-lasting or irreversible. This means that products play a pivotal role and the correct selection will leave your stone floor gleamingly clean.

Marble Polishing LondonStains are Stubborn

When you find a stain on your stone flooring, it is important to blot up the excess immediately. This will improve the likelihood of successful removal. It is, however, important to realise that stone stains are notoriously challenging to remove.

What are the key to removing them? It is helpful to know:

  • their origin,
  • which treatment will effectively remove it,
  • which products will compliment the process and
  • how best to leave the stone floor protected

It is always advised that you seek the support of a professional stone cleaner. We are time-served specialists, well-equipped to offer an exceptional service. Are you looking for advice on stone cleaning secrets or help to clean your stone floors? Contact Stone Reflection today on 01296 294304.