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Top Tips for Granite Cleaning

Are you looking for help with granite cleaning? Routine cleaning of your granite surfaces does not need to be complicated. Yes, it is true that you can make it complicated, but it isn’t necessary. Our time-served experience has allowed us the opportunity of gaining insight into the intricacies this beautiful natural stone can offer.

Stone Cleaning BuckinghamshireWhile it is a popular product for its durability and hardiness, it is important that Granite is looked after appropriately to ensure that it is not damaged. Granite is an extremely hard stone, but if not cared for correctly it can deteriorate over time. Use the following advice to your advantage and get the most from your Granite floors and work surfaces.

Be confident in your approach as this will likely avoid accidental damage. Only use cleaning methods that you are sure will work with this specific stone type.

The way that some people talk about Granite would make you think that it could never be damaged and that it can withstand no end of use. But it is important to appreciate that it can be damaged. Etching marks can appear, chips and cracks can occur, and general deterioration will lead to dull and lifeless stone.

The best advice is to ensure that a stone sealer is applied. If you are unsure as to whether your worktop or floor needs re-sealing we would urge you to make contact with us to enquire. It may be that generic products have worn away the surface coatings and left the natural stone exposed. If this is the case, then the likelihood of further damage is probable.

Here’s how to avoid damaging your Granite:

  • Don’t use cleaning products that contain bleach or de-greasers as these products contain chemicals that will break down and degrade any previously applied stone sealer
  • Try not to use any bathroom or tile cleaners as even the smoothest of creams contain tiny abrasive particles that will scratch the surface. These abrasives will create a dull appearance to your once-shiny stone.
  • Take care when placing plates and cups onto the surface. Dropped items can sometimes chip to surface and these will then need professional worktop repair. These services are available and can offer incredible finishes – so don’t worry if this happens to you. Mistakes happen, and we are here to help when they do.

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