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Restoring Travertine Tiles Beaconsfield

If you are looking for help restoring travertine tiles, it is important that you are aware of what to expect. Our vast experience in the stone cleaning trade has meant that we have extensive knowledge of the best techniques and products. Although travertine cleaning will generally follow the same pattern, there are intricacies that each travertine restoration project brings.

This is why it is so important to survey the travertine floor before work commences. This process allows us to identify so much about the stone floor. It will allow us to form a plan and see if any repairs are needed.

Restoring Travertine Tiles – The Story

Restoring Travertine Tiles Beaconsfield When we arrived, this travertine floor was dull and stained. It had become very difficult for our client to maintain. We soon identified that the main cause of the problem was the previous applications of an acrylic type of seal. Unfortunately, this type of stone sealer is not suited to this type of floor. Acrylic seals are known attract and hold soiling. Furthermore, people often identify it having a yellowing effect over time.

We worked to remove all previous surface coatings. This then leaves the natural travertine stone to be deep cleaned. Part of our comprehensive stone cleaning services means that your tiles are grout are extensively cleaned. Some find grout cleaning a real challenge. Our powerful machinery works to complete this process quickly and efficiently.

The benefits of a restored travertine floor are that it is protected against liquid spillages and will not attract and hold dirt. Furthermore, your tiles will be much easier to maintain. If you would like to find out more about travertine restoration, please get in touch with our professional team today. We are available to call on 01296 294304. We are happy to go through the cleaning process and answer any questions you may have.